Who I am ?

I'm Athanasios Raptodimos and I'm a passionate Java Developer mostly working on Android and Spring Framework projects but also enjoy developing Laravel projects.


I'm an experienced Android applications developer with more than three applications published in Google Play.

Windows Mobile

C# and Windows Mobile is another platform I'm skilled in, with various projects published in Windows Store.


Mostly working on Spring Framework projects (Java) but also love Laravel Framework (PHP).

I am Software Developer,

I'm Athanasios Raptodimos, my passion is software development and my portfolio contains various Android, Windows Mobile, Java FX and Laravel projects.

I loved software development and programming from an early age and since then I always try to improve my skills by reading books, taking e-courses or searching for solutions and information on the internet.

I mainly code in Java but my interest is not limited to a single programming language. PHP is also a programming language I love, especially when working on Laravel Framework projects.